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Latest version of components

Here will be notified all release of new or updated source code from Synopse.
7 7 2011-02-13 18:27:08 by ab

Source Code repository

When some files have been uploaded / updated in our Source Code repository, details will be posted in this forum.
77 322 2014-12-12 15:33:39 by ab

Open Source

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mORMot Framework

Synopse mORMot is a Client-Server ORM/ODM and SOA framework. Self-sufficient set of well-documented units for creating Domain-Driven Designed (DDD) applications: database access (easy and high speed ORM persistence over any database either SQL or NoSQL - MongoDB - with a powerful SQLite3 kernel), Service Oriented Architecture (SOA, using methods or interface-based services like WCF), security, caching, testing (with mocks), logging, UI generation with i18n and reporting (with pdf export) are handled in a light, safe and fast Client-Server RESTful model using JSON over several communication protocols (including HTTP/1.1). A JavaScript engine is even available on server side. For Delphi 6 up to XE7, targeting Win32 and Win64 on server, with cross-platform clients (for any VCL/FMX/FPC target or SmartMobileStudio - AJAX), licensed under a MPL/GPL/LGPL tri-license.
1,797 11,954 Today 14:02:52 by ab

PDF Engine

Synopse PDF engine is an Open Source PDF document creation library for Delphi. It is used in our mORMot framework, for creating PDF files from reports, but you can use it stand-alone. Among its features, you can use a true TCanvas to create the PDF, render bitmaps or metafiles, produce PDF/A-1 files and embed True Type fonts subsets. Of course, it's Unicode ready (with UniScribe support), and licensed under a MPL/GPL/LGPL tri-license.
333 1,585 Yesterday 15:31:00 by ab

Fast JPEG decoder

This unit allows very fast JPEG image decoding, using SSE/SSE2 pure assembly code. Freeware Opensource component, licensed under a MPL/GPL/LGPL tri-license. Works from Delphi 3 and up.
7 41 2014-08-16 12:36:55 by Himeko


By adding the SynGdiPlus unit to your uses clause, some TGraphic descendants are registered in your application to load and save GIF, TIF, PNG and JPG pictures. It also allows antialiased drawing from any TMetaFile. Freeware Opensource component, licensed under a MPL/GPL/LGPL tri-license. Works from Delphi 3 and up.
21 106 2015-02-11 20:06:09 by ab

Big Table

An open source Delphi unit for very fast data storage and access, using key/values pairs. If you just need to save raw data on disk, and retrieve it with an unique ID number or string, you can use this unit, which is much faster than any database engine. Works from Delphi 5 and up. Licensed under a MPL/GPL/LGPL tri-license.
64 330 2015-02-01 22:26:49 by ab


After a discussion with Pawel on this forum, the THtmlView component was used to make a free tool converting any html document into pdf.
8 27 2014-12-11 17:49:15 by ab


Synopse SynProject is an open source application for code source versioning and automated documentation of Delphi projects.
11 24 2015-01-19 22:15:37 by EMartin

Other components

Here we will release some other open source components and units for Delphi. Stay tuned!
30 219 2015-03-23 05:05:04 by zed

Delphi / Object Pascal

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Low level and performance

RTL, asm, algorithms, efficiency: if you care and know about them, this is the right place to post!
46 452 2015-03-21 17:52:05 by ab


Are you using the Delphi IDE? In which version? Do you like the Embarcadero approach? What is the future of Delphi for you?
25 147 2015-03-18 17:03:56 by ab

Free Pascal Compiler

Do you use FPC? What for? What about the integration of the Synopse libraries to this compiler?
6 31 2015-01-06 10:19:39 by ab


Speak about the Delphi / Object Pascal language in general.
15 97 2014-09-19 12:29:59 by ComingNine

Enhanced System Run Time Library

Purpose of these files is to provide speed and bug corrections to the Run Time Library and the VCL of Delphi 7. The system.pas unit should also be used up to Delphi 2007, for speed enhancements.
4 69 2014-05-15 15:54:59 by ab


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Synopse database engine

Synopse is releasing a new open source database engine, founded on some successfull projects like Ictus Win or ROC. It's a whole new database engine, not SQL-based, but purely object/XML related.
1 12 2014-05-05 07:51:04 by ComingNine

About our web site, source code repository and forum.
10 22 2014-06-27 20:07:47 by ab

Synopse Company

Talk about the Synopse company, and our offers of Delphi / Object Pascal expertise.
4 14 2014-05-20 07:29:43 by edwinsn

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