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20 most recent timeline items

[b35f7fc29d] Leaf: {1150} fixed SymmetricEncrypt() and SynDBRemote binary encryption on buffers on huge size (user: ab, tags: trunk)
[f409a73687] {1149} BREAKING CHANGE: TSQLRecord.ID is now a pure getter property, which would work also with pointer(RowID) transtyped fake instances - use the new IDValue read/write property to access the ID of a true TSQLRecord instance (user: ab, tags: trunk)
[994d519a3b] {1148} small code refactoring using asm for a slightly faster quicksort implementation (user: ab, tags: trunk)
[a985001bb0] {1147} ensure TSQLRestStorageInMemory.AddOne will check the supplied forced ID and leave the internal TSQLRecord list with increasing ID order (user: ab, tags: trunk)
[0c7f8cccf0] {1146} introducing multi-thread websockets testing - revealed a small fix needed to work as expected with several clients; sounds like if performance is higer with websockets than HTTP when using raw Sockets API, on multi-thread concurrent access (user: ab, tags: trunk)
[6f7ac3c3e8] {1145} under CPU64, log will truncate pointers to 8 hexa chars for most heap-allocated values, which address is in fact a 32 bit offset (user: ab, tags: trunk)
09:23 • Fixed ticket [fa702c126a]: Allow not eating the exception in TSQLRestServerDB.Commit() plus 5 other changes (user: ab)
[20e1157ccf] {1144} several fixes and enhancements to socket/websockets process (e.g. proper SO_KEEPALIVE support) (user: ab, tags: trunk)
[152f9cb1ce] {1143} added optional RaiseException parameter to TSQLRest.Commit for [fa702c126a] (user: ab, tags: trunk)
20:45 • Fixed ticket [490f61ec8e]: TSQLRestClientURI.BatchAdd(Value, SendData, ForceID) bug plus 5 other changes (user: ab)
[849f874c52] {1142} fixed [490f61ec8e] issue about BatchAdd(ForceID=true) not working for SQLite3 direct engine and external SQL / NoSQL databases (user: ab, tags: trunk)
18:03 • New ticket [fa702c126a] Allow not eating the exception in TSQLRestServerDB.Commit(). (user: anonymous)
[db26516f11] {1141} refactored mORMotDDD methods and fields naming to ease comprehension and maintability of your DDD repositories (user: ab, tags: trunk)
[de48bcfedd] {1140} fixed FileSynLZ/FileUnsynLZ functions so that compressed content would be correct when SynLZ hash window is bigger than 64KB on highly compressing input - also ensure that StreamUnSynLZ() would handle content compressed via FileSynLZ bigger than 128 MB (e.g. for LogView to open huge .synlz files) (user: ab, tags: trunk)
[536ecbc9f7] {1139} fixed TSynLogFile class / LogView tool so that a rotated log file starting from a thread not #1 would be identified (user: ab, tags: trunk)
[67ac351620] {1138} by convention, set default WebSocket method and content type as POST and JSON, and use JSON numbers if possible, to reduce the frame size for SOA calls (user: ab, tags: trunk)
[68200b1cde] {1137} added new NextNotSpaceCharIs() function (user: ab, tags: trunk)
[3b381ad024] {1136} get rid of "ConnectionID:" in the HTTP headers, since we now have the TSQLRestURIParams.LowLevelConnectionID corresponding to the HTTP server context, e.g. for SSPI authentication - see request [0636eeec54] (user: ab, tags: trunk)
[5d3d4738be] {1135} ensure generated wrappers are able to handle interface parameters - also re-generated the FPC RTTI to contain the latest types (user: ab, tags: trunk)
[45eebe5b78] {1134} introducing TSQLRestURIParams.LowLevelConnectionID parameter instead of hazardous previous TSQLRestURIParams.LowLevelConnection: TObject which did trigger some random Access Violation issues when notifications were pushed on a closed connection - will also make it http.sys and IOCP ready for future implementations (user: ab, tags: trunk)