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20 most recent timeline items

[6f133748a8] Leaf: {1038} fixed TServiceCustomAnswer result type recognition for cross-platform wrappers (user: ab, tags: trunk)
[2c00a50bee] {1037} small enhancements of the DDD wrappers about user authentication + ignore null returned information from interface-based service, since objects are transmitted by representation in our SOA (to avoid any memory leak, and let e.g. TInterfaceStub default value return a void object) (user: ab, tags: trunk)
[a5a9d5493f] {1036} TSQLRest instances can now be created from a TSynDefinition content at runtime, as shown in dddInfraSettings.pas with the new TRestSettings and TApplicationSettingsRestFile classes - several fixes: e.g. TSQLRestServer / TSQLRestServerDB test and support, and initialization of all TSQLRestClientURI classes with a call to SetUser with the supplied User/Password credentials - StaticMongoDBRegisterAll() function has a new TStaticMongoDBRegisterOptions optional parameter - TSQLRestCreateFrom() overloaded functions have been renamed to more explicit TSQLRestMongoDBCreate() and/or TSQLRestExternalDBCreate() (user: ab, tags: trunk)
[19e1dea998] {1035} small enhancements, mainly about SQlite3 low-level errors exception handling (user: ab, tags: trunk)
[2b3f88fc38] {1034} UrlEncode([name,value,...]) and ObjectToJSON() are now defined in SynCommons.pas (user: ab, tags: trunk)
[fa71b9e2df] {1033} fixed libcurl API use - POST commands were not working! (user: ab, tags: trunk)
[56fe46b38c] {1032} ensure SmartMobileStudio SOA wrappers would use the DWS/SMS high-level argument types (user: ab, tags: trunk)
[78ae705d26] {1031} fixed TInjectableObject.Destroy when the resolved interface is stored in a private field of the instance (user: ab, tags: trunk)
[67933a8e02] {1030} enhanced MSSQL support for SynDBUniDAC provider - patch by milesyou (user: ab, tags: trunk)
[e73e854e99] {1029} fixed TSQLModelRecordPropertiesSQL.SelectAllJoined computed SQL statement - patch by milesyou (user: ab, tags: trunk)
[78ce0600e1] {1028} introducing TSynConnectionDefinition class used e.g. for JSON-defined runtime instantiation of a TSQLDBConnectionProperties or TSQLRest instances via DefinitionTo*() and CreateFrom*() methods - see also function TSQLRestCreateFrom() which is able to create a TSQLRest with external tables (user: ab, tags: trunk)
[54b151f6ea] {1027} introducing new woDateTimeWithMagic setting for TTextWriterWriteObjectOption, now recognized as such in SynMongoDB so that ObjectToJSON(...,[woDateTimeWithMagic]) would send TDateTime as betDateTime BSON values (user: ab, tags: trunk)
[50e19d5b3f] {1026} tests and documentation update (user: ab, tags: trunk)
[972638795a] {1025} renamed TSQLDBConnectionPropertiesStorage.NewInstance into NewInstanceFromSelf since the reintroduced method made a confusion with the TObject.NewInstance method with FPC (no problem with Delphi) (user: ab, tags: trunk)
[ae854a5e71] {1024} introducing TSQLDBConnectionProperties SaveTo/SaveToJSON/SaveToFile methods and TSQLDBConnectionPropertiesStorage.NewInstance*() methods to persist the database connection properties, and the associated class, as JSON file or variable - also included corresponding regression tests (user: ab, tags: trunk)
[729ce2eb4f] {1023} enhanced SymmetricEncrypt() algorithm for a somewhat higher level of encryption - warning: previous content would be incompatible with this new layout (user: ab, tags: trunk)
[ad73f1fb38] {1022} added mORMot4Android third-party demo source code - thanks Alf (Alfred) for sharing! (user: ab, tags: trunk)
[d1e476884d] {1021} added optional EndOfPagePositions parameter to TGDIPages.AppendRichEdit() (user: ab, tags: trunk)
[188d8ea62c] {1020} added new TSQLDBCurlConnectionProperties class for SynDB remote connection using libcurl, so able to connect via HTTPS from Linux (user: ab, tags: trunk)
[8f8d8186d0] {1019} enhanced DDD infrastructure authentication to have a new IsLogged function, and store its data in UserAuth table (user: ab, tags: trunk)