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20 most recent timeline items

[738101df0d] Leaf: {646} fixed TRawUTF8List.BeginUpdate OnChange trigger (user: ab, tags: trunk)
18:59 • Ticket [ae27dd8032] Native support of PostgreSQL 9.4 JSONB columns status still Open with 5 other changes (user: anonymous) ... 1 similar event omitted.
[463c4039fe] {645} updated samples using PostgreSQL to use port 5433 as used by default by PostgreSQL 9.4 (user: ab, tags: trunk)
12:29 • New ticket [292d00675e] Local storage for SynCrossPlatform units. (user: ab)
[18a17c7a76] {644} updated ORMCSD third-party demo by AntonE (user: ab, tags: trunk)
[dec5dae65c] {643} fixed FPC compilation under Windows (previous commit about PasZLib integration was buggy) (user: ab, tags: trunk)
[6fa6bb1c26] {642} fixed LVCL compilation issue (user: ab, tags: trunk)
[1f15aabf56] {641} enhanced variant related implementation in SynDB unit (user: ab, tags: trunk)
19:47 • Fixed ticket [ea07928ae9]: Log of SQL Statements only in case of Error plus 6 other changes (user: ab)
[9416d466bf] {640} ESQLDBException (and its descendants) will now append the current SQL statement to its error message, if TSQLDBConnectionProperties.LogSQLStatementOnException is defined, as requested by [ea07928ae9] (user: ab, tags: trunk)
18:06 • Closed ticket [8e9e07f91f]: SynDB remote access via HTTP plus 6 other changes (user: ab)
18:00 • Fixed ticket [a392945901]: Session persistence in files plus 5 other changes (user: ab)
[24cf77569c] {639} added TSQLRestServer.SessionsSaveToFile/SessionsLoadFromFile methods and optional aStateFileName parameter to TSQLRestServer.Shutdown to allow session persistence as requested by [a392945901] - warning: not suitable for persisting SOA complex information! (user: ab, tags: trunk)
[0fbaa1236f] {638} fixed Delphi 2007+ compilation issue (user: ab, tags: trunk)
15:33 • Fixed ticket [0b6006e4f5]: Optimize SQL statement logging in *Statement.ExecutePrepared plus 3 other changes (user: ab) ... 1 similar event omitted.
[d794746547] {637} added TSQLDBConnectionProperties.LoggedSQLMaxSize property to limit the logged SQL content as requested by [0b6006e4f5] (user: ab, tags: trunk)
10:29 • New ticket [d71391c2e7] Implements WiredTiger NoSQL engine. (user: ab)
10:28 • New ticket [8e4c17a082] Integrate Monkey HTTP Server for Linux. (user: ab)