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How do I get Win32 and Win64 targets?

NewPascal was suggested to me because I'm looking for out-of-the-box support for Windows 32 and 64 bit targets.  After having just installed (unzip, configure.bat, run.bat) it I'm having troubles getting that to work.  It seems to be a 32-bit toolset, so setting Target OS to Win32 and Target CPU family to i386 produces a result.  But setting it to Win64 and x86_64 doesn't work - it gives an error that the compiler doesn't support a target of x86_64-win64.

Does NewPascal support multiple targets out of the box?  If so, what am I doing wrong?  If not, does anyone know of a Lazarus distribution that does?


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Re: How do I get Win32 and Win64 targets?


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