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How to extract TSynBigTableString files

I am using TSynBigTableString for some BLOB fields, mostly few megabytes, with ~2 files or so.
As I am planning to use mORMot 2, is there a way to extract those files without using mORMot 1 code (SynBigTable, SynCommons etc.), by using some minimal code e.g. with TFileStream or similar?

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Re: How to extract TSynBigTableString files

TSynBigTableString is clearly deprecated, and won't ported into mORMot 2.

And sadly, it is not possible to use mORMot 1 code and mORMot 2 code together...

I guess you could extract the TSynBigTableString logic and retrieve the strings directly.
Or use a .dll for this code - you could use a mORMOt 1 .dll from a mORMot 2 executable.


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