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The initial check-in for each branch:

15:33 [47ef598245] additional HTTP server events (not finished yet) (user: pavel.mash, tags: HTTPServerEvents)
17:52 [98d6d261f2] Add WebSocket protocols, data buffering and OnFragment handler (user: pavel.mash, tags: WinWebSocket)
16:58 [db5aab056d] merge from trunc (user: pavel.mash, tags: WinWebSocket)
15:55 [d7598a8c7b] SynBidirSock.pas - fix WebSocked w/o protocol (for chrome browser)

SynCrtCommons.pas - new unt common for sockets

SynCrtSock.pas - common socket structure definitions are moved to SnCrtCommons - need a rewiew of usage System.pos instead of Pos - add Overlap to TSynThreadPool - split THttpApiServer.Destroy onto 2 part for override maoin thread sestroy in descndants - TWinHTTP now use late binding

SynHttpApi.pas - new unit with API for http.sys

SynWebSocketAPI.pas - new unit - structures imported from websocket.dll (Win8 & UP)

SynWinHttpAPI.pas - new unit - structures imported from winhttp.dll

SynWinWebSockets.pas - webcosket support via hi-performance HTTP.SYS & websocket.dll (Win8 & UP)

New sample SQLite3\Samples\31 - WebSockets\Project31WinHTTPEchoServer.dpr (user: pavel.mash, tags: WinWebSocket)

10:26 [3072c5978b] initial empty check-in (user: root, tags: trunk)