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Ticket UUID: 3a79adc10f9277ef4fd93132ee8122166b336119
Title: FPC support
Status: Review Type: Feature_Request
Severity: Critical Priority: Immediate
Subsystem: mORMot Resolution: Implemented
Last Modified: 2014-12-08 09:13:39
Version Found In: 1.18
FPC support is on the roadmap for years.

First item is to target Windows compilation with FPC.
Then server-side compilation with Linux.
Last time I checked, compilation was OK (we tried to maintain compatibility with FPC), but we had GPF due to the internal RTTI differences.

Latest FPC 2.7 branch is just great - both at language level and at RTL/platform level.

We are using CodeTyphon distribution by now.

Feedback and help is welcome!
We can use this forum thread for discussion and proposals.

User Comments:
ab added on 2014-10-19 08:08:29:

Please see for the latest revision of the source code. Thanks Alfred (AOG) for your hard work!

Now mORMot source code compiles and run fine with FPC, for Win32 targets, AND Linux on x86 and ARM.

At least, all low-level features tests do pass, including ORM.

We have still one big issue with FPC which prevents to use interface based services.
See this FPC bug report. Purpose of this bug report is to have the same RTTI level for interfaces as it was available since Delphi 6, since 2002. IMHO this is a very big difficulty to work with FPC as compiler... Serious work with interfaces in FPC is mandatory, including stub/mock, or services. Using Interface is the path to abstraction, and implementation of SOA/SOLID patterns, or even our latest MVC/web feature - see [bd94c11ab1].

Any input is welcome!
Especially if you can help on pushing/helping the FPC team to fix the bug.

Our little mORMot may do so great with FPC, and we are now blocked due to some FPC limitation. We just expect to have in FPC the RTTI available since Delphi 6, more than 12 years ago!