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Welcome to the main page of the Synopse Open Source Repository !

You will find here whole source code, useful documentation and current opened tickets for some of our Open Source components.

Synopse Open Source Projects

Our main current library:

... and some related projects:

All these components are available in the same source code tree, as individual units.

Forum and support

A forum dedicated to these components is available at

Feel free to search for already existing answers, and ask for help and support in the appropriate forum category.

News and articles

A blog exists at, which provides general information about the projects enhancements.

Source code repository

This source code is hosted via a Fossil version control system, which implements:

As an alternative, you may fork (and push requests) to our github mirror repository.

See here how to Get the source and collaborate to these Open Source projects.

You can follow daily uploads by consulting the TimeLine of the source code repository.

How to Help?

The first mean of help for any Open Source project is to use and contribute to it.
Do not be shy: a lot of code within our projects has been committed by external contributors. Let's the great Open Source adventure work!

Adopt a mORMot!

If you make any profit by using our components, you are encouraged to give something back to us. It will help making better libraries, and introducing new features.

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Major contributors will of course be named within the project source code!
This is a common work!