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Synopse PDF engine

Synopse PDF engine is an Open Source PDF document creation library for Delphi, embedded in one unit.

It's used e.g. in our mORMot framework, for creating PDF files from reports.
But you can use it stand-alone, without our main ORM/SOA framework.



Latest stable version is available directly from in

Latest unstable version, which should include latest fixes and features can be retrieved from our main repository.

Sample code

In fact, you have at least three ways of generating pdfs using the library:

The 2nd and 3rd ways are preferred, for most applications.


For detailed documentation of the unit, see the corresponding page in the API reference of mORMot official documentation, or directly in the interface part of the unit, as methods comments.

See also the associated mORMotReport.pas unit and the report generation description in the SynFile Main Demo description.

Dedicated blog and forum

A blog is available at, and will notify any evolution of this component.

A forum thread is dedicated to this component, and is available on
This is the main entry point for support: first search for an existing answer, then ask your question in a new thread.