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Synopse SynProject is an open source application for code source versioning and automated documentation of Delphi projects.
Licensed under a GPL license.

See SynProject Features for a complete list of all its abilities.

Source code is available from this source code repository. Please select the "Files" button above, and check the SynProject folder.
See also Get the source.
Note that this source is intended to compile with Delphi 6/7 only - with Delphi 2005-2007, remove the FastMM4 reference in SynProject.dpr.
A mirror repository is available on our GitHub account, if you prefer it.

You can download a binary executable directly from

Dedicated blog and forum

A blog is available at, and will notify any evolution of this tool.

A forum is dedicated to this tool, and is available on

Some screenshots

Some screen shots taken from the current version of SynProject are available on another wiki page:

SynProject ScreenShots

First steps

Here can be found some quick tutorial and introduction:

SynProject Tutorial

Example: mORMot documentation

Synopse mORMot is a Client-Server ORM and Service Oriented Architecture framework for Delphi 6 up to XE7, FreePascal/Lazarus, and (Cross)Kylix.

You have full reference documentation available to download.
More than 2000 pages of documentation have been written using SynProject.

Take a look at the generated online HTML documentation, or download the corresponding huge PDF document.

The SynProject source of the documentation is available in our Source Code repository: a nice sample of how huge documentation is so easily created using SynProject. And since it is all text file, it is easily versioned and maintained by a team.