#1 Re: PDF Engine » Chinese display error use RenderMetaFile » 2013-12-16 06:13:47

The font file is simsun.ttc, the font name is '宋体', the postscript name is 'SimSun'.

I dont know where to find the debugger, please give me a link to get it.

#2 PDF Engine » Chinese display error use RenderMetaFile » 2013-12-13 07:20:35

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System: Windows XP
Delphi Version: 7
SynPDF Version: 1.18
QuickReport Version: 3.5

PDF file generated by SynPDF, the Chinese characters can not display.

I use the font SimSun in my quick report, I found that the function TTFFontPostcriptName can not get right postscript name of font, instead of '???'

TPdfDocument.TTFFontPostcriptName(aFontIndex: integer; AStyle: TFontStyles; const ALogFont: TLogFontW): PDFString;

I don't know why the function returns '???', it should return 'SimSun' instead.

Please forgive my broken English.

Please help, thanks!

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