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do you want to get my test files? I would appreciate your support.


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in the meantime I made some tests with following results:

1. EMF file created with RTF text, that has been rendered on the MetafileCanvas using RtfLabel component by flocke.vssd.de. This EMF file is converted WITHOUT underlining. EMF file "Test underline RTF.emf".

2. EMF file created with several plain texts, that have been rendered on the MetafileCanvas using GDI TextOut. This EMF file is converted WITH underlining. EMF file "Test underline GDI.emf".

Both EMF test files show the underlining when the files are opened in Windows Paint or in Microsoft Office Picture Manager.

I would like to upload or send the test files to you, so you can look inside the records to search for the differences. How to upload or how to send you the files as an email attachment?

Thanks for your support.


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thanks for your response.

I downloaded the last version 1.18 and checked aLogFont^.lfUnderline: This value is always 0.


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checking your SynGdiPlus I try to convert an EMF file containing underlined text to an EMF+ file, but I don't succeed. I use your converter, not the native converter of GDI+ v1.1.

In the function EnumEMFFunc, record type EMR_EXTTEXTOUTW, regarding underlined text you mention "DrawDriverString doesn't handle those -> GDI+ does not work". If I replace the line

if fontspec.underline or fontSpec.strikeout then begin


if true then begin

every word is underlined. So it seems that the fontspec is not recognized correctly. Is this caused by a bug in the code, or are there special conditions to be considered?

BTW: Is your code ready for Win64 compilation?

I use Delphi XE3 for Win32 and Win64.

Thanks for your great project and thanks for your support.


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