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I spent some hours trying to make work htm2pdf in Delphi2010 and decided to post this for those inexperts like me:

After unziping I got folder structure

mORMot and Open Source friends-91268ef02ce2dacc

Opened htm2pdf.dproj in HtmlView\htm2pdf

Added in search paths:  ..;..\..;  (not sure if you really need search path to LVCL, etc).

Also, see my post from yesterday

Good luck

#2 Re: htm2pdf » Error related to Touch and Gestures in Delphi 2010 » 2016-02-15 07:42:15

The error seems to be bad code related with properties for touch and gestures in HtmlViewer's htmlview.pas .
Eliminated everything in conditional compilation related with touch and gestures and it worked !  Anyway I dont need them for my application.

#3 htm2pdf » Error related to Touch and Gestures in Delphi 2010 » 2016-02-14 21:38:45

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I compiled the code in Delphi 2010 but when I try to run unmodified Htm2PDF i get the following error:

"Error reading Viewer.Touch.InteractiveGestureOptions:

Property Touch.InteractiveGestures does not exist"

any idea why is this happening?
Im using it in an XP virtualBox virtual machine.

Thanks !

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