#1 Re: PDF Engine » Central European characters don't render properly » 2017-05-15 07:25:44

I managed to pinpoint the cause .. my system is using code-page 1250, PDF gets rendered using
code-page 1252.

Problematic character is the one with code 200 (010C in cp1250 and 00C8 in cp1252) , it differs between both code-pages. Unfortunately this character is fairly frequently used in our language.

Is there a way to set proper code-page for PDF for it to render using cp1250? I couldn't find anything such in the code sad

#2 PDF Engine » Central European characters don't render properly » 2016-12-24 19:55:26

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I'm using latest SynPdf code with Delphi7 on Windows10, Slovenian locale.

Preview (TGDIPages.ShowPreviewForm) is rendered correctly but the saved PDF opened in a PDF reader displays wrong characters. Acrobat Reader reports the fonts are embedded with ANSI encoding.

Can anyone help with what should I check, set, change?

#3 Source Code repository » SynCommons: Bugfix - active codepage » 2016-07-22 17:43:52

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I'm using Windows 10, Delphi 7, codepage 1250 and SQLite.
Some of our special characters did not show up right, so I dig into the code and found/fix two bugs.

File: SynComons, version 1.18, date 2016-07-19_091339_73271568b4


WinAnsiConvert := TSynAnsiConvert.Engine(CODEPAGE_US) as TSynAnsiFixedWidth;

should be

WinAnsiConvert := TSynAnsiConvert.Engine(GetACP) as TSynAnsiFixedWidth;


djWinAnsi:  AddAnyAnsiString(PRawByteStringArray(P)^[i],twJSONEscape,CODEPAGE_US);

should be

djWinAnsi:  AddAnyAnsiString(PRawByteStringArray(P)^[i],twJSONEscape,GetACP);

Awesome library and work!

Best regards,

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