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For a longtime, mORMot has been on the Delphinus Package-manager. Thanks for supporting it smile

However there are a few things i noticed:

1) There are no releases on Github
I think this was mentioned in another thread as well. The problem is, without releases Delphinus can not add mORMot to the list of available updates. When mORMot supports releases on Github, Delphinus can list it in the updates list (either in the UI or upcoming Commandline tool) whenever a new release is created.

2) Name equals Description
As far as i see the name of the Project is mORMot, the rest is a description. Delphinus already reads the "Description" of a Github-repository (which includes the exact same line). I'd suggest to change the "Name" property back to "mORMot". This will help users of the upcoming Commandline-tool aswell.


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