#1 Re: PDF Engine » Clipping Problem » 2020-02-17 23:56:15

ab wrote:

It works fine if there is no or simple clipping. So I would't write that "this PDFengine is unusable". Perhaps for you, expecting complex clipping.

The fixes proposed by 3rd parties were not working for everyone, so currently I didn't include them to the trunk.
You should try the alternative versions.
And it is not only a "free as beer" project, but also "free as bird" - so you are welcome trying to enhanced its clipping support.
But be aware it seems hard to fix clipping for some particular cases without breaking the existing...

Believe me when i had the time i would invest in it and post back to the community, for now i found llPDFLib which seems to handle it all right. Library is a bit dated though.
Wonders me that not so many are using clipping, certainly for reporting.
Anyway thank for response and when there's an update i'm open for testing.

#2 Re: PDF Engine » Clipping Problem » 2020-02-17 19:42:58

Due the clipping problems this PDFengine is unusable, i'm wondering how other people are getting around with it.
I know it's a free version and shouldn't expect to much, but wondering how other developers fixed it. Or all moved to something else?

Also i tried the version of MtwStark which seems to stick a lot of effort in it to fix it, but i still get blank results for EMF images sad

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