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ab wrote:

If you are confused by those low-level methods, rather use the high-level Input methods of the request execution context.

Do you happen to have an example for that, please?

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Thank you for your reply, ab.

I have actually read the documentation entry for URLDecodeDouble.

But the explanation is not enough for me, sorry.

function UrlDecodeDouble(U: PUTF8Char; const Upper: RawUTF8; var Value: double; Next: PPUTF8Char=nil): boolean;

U = the URL passed
Upper = Upper of the target parameter? Why?
Value = stores the double value
Next = this is not obvious to me

I struggle to interpret the use of Next here.

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I am trying to follow Sample 06 (Project06Server) then I came around UrlDecodeDouble. What does it do and the other UrlDecode* functions? What is done with the parameters? Sorry, can't find the answer in the docs (or don't understand).

TIA. jeffp

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