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It would probably be possible to use jsdom. But what module (and how) should be loaded from jsdom to get started with websockets and GET requests?

P.S. In my case, Deno may not be a bad choice, as I now understand. But still, it would be interesting to get a minimal environment for running scripts, similar to a browser. Maybe someone already did it with mORMot, SyNode or QuickJS ?

#2 SyNode » WebSocket client using SyNode » 2022-03-25 08:29:04

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Can you please tell me - is there a way to make a WebSocket client using SyNode, synmozjs52.dll and possibly some additional JS - modules? How to connect them? I need to transfer fairly dynamic data from a WebSocket server written in Delphi via a WebSocket channel to for further processing without a browser (in JS script) and sending the results back to the Delphi application . If you do this completely on your own, then this will require, at a minimum, not only thoughtful serialization, but also queuing support on both sides.

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