#1 Re: Source Code repository » SynScaleMM - fast scaling memory manager for Delphi » 2011-04-10 21:25:23


Is there some performances degradation to define "PURE_PASCAL" ??

If yes.. is this noticable ?
(I mean in a real life application)

Thank you

#2 Re: Low level and performance » Application priority » 2011-03-31 18:53:41


As far as I can tell, those priorities are more "wishes" than absolute settings. Windows can do what it wants...

That was my opinion.
It's was i asked the question.

Thank you for your reply.

#3 Low level and performance » Application priority » 2011-03-30 18:15:04

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Recently, we see some emerging applications which are playing with application priority.
But also some programs are playing with this by theirselve, as example AVG.

Is there some true advantages to play with this ??

And for an application written in Delphi,
a) Is there some advantages to switch between Low and High when the application fall in idle mode ?

b) What is the default application priority for an application made with Delphi?

c) and finally, how to catch when an application really fall in idle mode ?

d) Is it safe to play with this ?
Thank you

#4 Re: Low level and performance » Delphi doesn't like multi-core CPUs (or the contrary) » 2011-03-17 21:29:48


Thank you smile

It compile and work very fine.

I notice that Small, Medium and Large memory are supported.
Does this mean we can remove FastMM ??

In any case, with FastMM as first modulem i got my application to freeze when i closed a form.
After removing FastMM, all is working fine.


* Edited 2011-03-18
* Just as a note, i am using it on a very big project.
* And, rarely and randomly, i am getting to program to freeze with ScaleMM2.
* Not always at the same place.

#5 Re: Low level and performance » Delphi doesn't like multi-core CPUs (or the contrary) » 2011-03-17 07:56:59


Thank you for your reply smile

ScaleMM1 as well as SynScaleMM are working very fine with D7

For ScaleMM2,
the incompatilibities are mainly about "how" type declarations are done.
They are not runtime errors, it just not compile.

If you want, i can give you the list of errors generated in the IDE.


#6 Re: Low level and performance » Delphi doesn't like multi-core CPUs (or the contrary) » 2011-03-16 14:35:42


It's look like ScaleMM2 is compatible with Delphi 2007 and up only.
At least, it's does not compile with Delphi 7.

Which is better,  Delphi 7 or Delphi 2007 ?


#7 Re: Source Code repository » Faster realloc on SynScaleMM » 2011-03-03 05:14:21


Thank you for your reply.

No... do not worry, the uses are there smile

With Delphi 7...


and i am using your enhanced RTL's too.

I am also using QStrings.pas which is all ASM, really fast for POS and REPLACE functions( and others like functions)

I am always searching for things to speed up my applications smile


#8 Re: Source Code repository » Faster realloc on SynScaleMM » 2011-02-27 22:11:33

Hello ab,

Thank you for the details smile

I agree with you, it's better to use clock than feeling for evaluation.

In a real life project (not a test speed test), it's quite hard to note difference... even with clock.

By using the enhanced RTL...
My project is using a skin engine (VCLSkin),
and when the program is starting, i had the feeling of a blink between states "start and fully skinned".
As you may know, in such case, even with a clock result it's hard to catch.
But again... it's feeling. Haha

I will try some more specific tests smile


#9 Re: Source Code repository » Faster realloc on SynScaleMM » 2011-02-27 11:19:19


Recently i begun to use ScaleMM and have noticed some great speed enchancements on my project.

My question is:
Is SynScaleMM is always fully updated with the last revisions of ScaleMM ??

My second is:
What are the advantage of using SynScaleMM ?  (and disavantages if any)

My third is:
I also tried your enhanced RTL... in their DCU forms.
I am using Delphi 7 all updated and i just copied your enhanced DCU's to my Delphi Lib directory.
I also use FastMM as first  item in the uses.

I am not sure (this is difficult to evaluate in a real project) but i think i got a little degradation in speed.
Is this possible or just a bad feeling ?

Thank you for your reply

#10 Re: PDF Engine » PDF Background » 2010-08-06 14:51:01


Thank you for your reply smile

I was talking about normal web images (Gif, Jpg or Png)

and for background, i was talking about background images use in a normal web page.
( like in BODY tag, background="..... " )

I will try your suggestions and be back here with my results smile


#11 PDF Engine » PDF Background » 2010-07-23 07:00:38

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SynPDF is really great !
Thank you smile

I think it should be very complete with a Background image property.
With alignment: Tile, Top-Left, Top-Center, Top-Right, Center, Center-Left, Center-Right, Bottom-Left, Bottom-Center, Bottom-Right

This background should be related to the whole page.

Just like an HTML page.

Currently, i using eDocEngine and they have this property.

But... if we have this property with SynPDF, i will switch with pleasure.
because SynPDF is really smaller and take less (and by far) overhead in the exe.

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