#2 Re: PDF Engine » PDF from MetaFile problem. » 2012-08-03 10:17:56

I've send You an Email with Metafile... I'll be gratefull for Your help.

#3 Re: PDF Engine » PDF from MetaFile problem. » 2012-08-03 09:44:59

I have "Arial Unicode MS" installed and all characters are in "Courier New Ce"... Can I Send You a MetaFile ?

#4 Re: PDF Engine » PDF from MetaFile problem. » 2012-08-01 13:06:22

Te Font-Fallback property (UseFontFallBack) gives no result enabled or disabled. Nothing's change. In Pdf seems like font's are bigger than in preview and other (i assume it's arial).
i have "courier new ce" in my metafile. That font is not embadded in pdf.

Yes I use non English characters but problem is not in them. Those are exported properly.

#5 Re: PDF Engine » PDF from MetaFile problem. » 2012-07-31 06:17:58

When I Use TGDIPages the problem is the same. In preview windows it look fine but when I export it to PDF it isn't.

#6 Re: PDF Engine » PDF from MetaFile problem. » 2012-07-30 12:52:45

it's created for TPrinter's canvas but in em explorer look's normal.
I have line with '|' marks and some text and again '|'. it's supose to do somthing like table.
I can send a metafile if You want. Problem is that lines are in diferent places so page is not like table. (in preview and in emfexplorer is).
Probably problem is laying in font embadding because in pdf there are different fonts that in metafile.

Sorry for my english.

#7 PDF Engine » PDF from MetaFile problem. » 2012-07-30 12:40:20

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Hi, I'm tring to make pdf from metafile and I have a problem.

Those are my code: 

if lSaveDialog.Execute then
      lFileName := lSaveDialog.FileName;
      pdf := TPdfDocumentGDI.Create(True, SynPdf.LCIDToCodePage(SysLocale.DefaultLCID), False);

        pdf.EmbeddedTTF := True;
        pdf.EmbeddedWholeTTF := True;
        pdf.CompressionMethod := cmFlateDecode;
        pdf.DefaultPaperSize := psA4;
        pdf.UseSetTextJustification := False;
        pdf.StandardFontsReplace:= False;
        pdf.UseUniscribe := True;
        Page := Pdf.AddPage;

        pdf.VCLCanvas.StretchDraw(Rect(20, 20, Page.PageWidth+200, Page.PageHeight+190), FPage);

where FPage is my MetaFile.

When a save this pdf it's with strange font format. Where can I put example metafile and pdf ?
the metafile is normal...

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