#1 Re: SyNode » Adding JavaScript support for mORMot framework » 2013-01-28 14:24:26

> No revision on the svn tree?

No. It's only me coding on different machines (some of them without inet) so, I just carry everything on a pen,  when I get something stable I just upload it. Not very pro, I admit..

>  performance won't be very high, but what I like very much is the low overhead.

I try to keep it extremely simple on purpose: api-mallocs instead of memory manager, no objects (the only one left (in the parser) is  legacy), minimum DOM, as less Delphi-RTL/RTT as possible,...

If more performance is needed, the generate VM-code is easy to convert into something more efficient (ie. inline calls which would give us a native engine with a very bad code generator, but way faster than current implementation) or with more work (and much better  performance) LLVM code.

> How do you execute the regression tests? What is your EcmaScript implementation coverage?

Haven't bothered with regression tests. My goal is not to produce an Ecma implementation, but a "glue" tool for different projects (in different languages).

I test the host applications (which are controlled by the "glue"). If results are the expected ones, stability (leaks,  crashes, ...) is OK, and performance (time/resources) is reasonable...then I take it for good.

Nevertheless I like the language, and core issues: closures, functions as objects, scope-chain,... are implemented. Others (ie. regexp) not.

> Can you use some standard JavaScript libraries?

Which ones ??  most of them (jquery, ExtsJS,...) rely on a DOM that it's not present...

It's something do it on my spare time, so I don't try to cover a wide area of functionality, just the one I need.

#2 Re: SyNode » Adding JavaScript support for mORMot framework » 2013-01-28 12:36:31

I am the developer of http://code.google.com/p/sejscript/ perhaps it might interest you.

It consists of an extendable object framework  using a stripped down ecmascript implementation as "glue".

Pros: pure Delphi, easy to extend, very small footprint, multi-threaded, ...
Cons: 32-bits only, interpreted (simple VM), free,

A  "like node.js but not-async web server sample" is included. Check the *.js files.

If  interested just let me know.

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