#1 Re: htm2pdf » Hyperlinks in PDF » 2014-12-11 17:13:02

ab wrote:

What did you include?
Links? Outlines? BookMarks?

We used and tested outline and bookmark without any problem.

What is not "visible" in your end pdf?

i think we misunderstood, i just added TMetaFileCanvas.CreateWithComment in htmlviewer part, and that should appear like bookmark or i understood wrong?

#2 Re: htm2pdf » Hyperlinks in PDF » 2014-12-11 15:15:50

ab wrote:

I do not think so.
But I'm not sure.

well, it is not visible in newly created PDF file, and if you dont know, who does? ;-)

#3 Re: htm2pdf » Hyperlinks in PDF » 2014-12-11 14:38:55

i am trying to use comments.. and i changed thtmlviewe render to CreateWithComment and it does that ok, but do i need to add something on synopse side to make it visible?

#4 Re: PDF Engine » htm2pdf free tool release » 2014-11-12 07:24:32

ab wrote:

It will depend on THtmlView implementation only.
Please search on this side... but there is no standard HTML way of doing it, by design.

ok, solved that by making seperate htmls and then adding new page when new html starts
but now i have another problem, metafiles are created OK, but when trying to change margins, the final image is not resized, but clipped wrong?
for example, your compiled .exe works fine,but when i compile it, same error - so i guess the problem is with lib i am using? (latest synpdf and thtmlviewer)

#5 Re: PDF Engine » htm2pdf free tool release » 2014-10-16 12:57:00

ab wrote:

After a discussion with Pawel Stroinski on this forum, the THtmlView component was used to make a tool converting any html document into pdf, i.e. "printing" a html document as a pdf.

very nice idea, how to convert HTML to PDF
i have one question, do you know how to implement page breaks in html so that pdf can break it too?

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