#1 Re: PDF Engine » PDFEngine Clipping Implementation + Output stream optimizations » 2018-08-03 10:44:44

Hallo MtwStark,
sorry for the long delay. I have looked at your work and I like it very much. It seems you have fixed the clipping problems with SynPdf.
will  do some more tests.   I have done also some work for ModifyWorldTransform and co for my use case, try to put in in your work.

#2 Re: mORMot 1 » Delphi 10.2 Tokyo Compatibility » 2017-03-22 18:39:54

Yes for me there is the same problem....
But my subscription is ending on 03/24/2017 so i think i will not investigate further. They will not fix bugs without subscription and i don't like to pay for bugfixing. Wish i can do the same with our clients........

#3 Re: PDF Engine » Problem validating PDF/A format » 2017-01-20 18:36:41

There is a problem with embedded Fonts.
If i have the WingDings Font it will not work as embedded Font. These is not specific to PDF/A. It is always. But my knowledge with Fonts and PDF is not deep so.....

#4 Re: PDF Engine » Problem validating PDF/A format » 2017-01-19 19:02:50

These should be used for Checking PDF/A i think
and https://www.pdfa.org/new/verapdf-1-0-sh … ng-begins/
because they got the Money from the EU. They will be the "official" standard for validating PDF/A

PS i have done a quick test with the latest changes from today and it looks good. I have found 1 Output that fails. There is the Font "WingDings" involved. I will investigate further.

#5 Re: PDF Engine » Clipping problems » 2017-01-13 13:50:18

After investigate the clipping in SynPDF i must say there are a lot of problems with it. I will spend some more time to find a proper solution.
But at moment im running out of spare time  so it will take some weeks.

#6 Re: PDF Engine » Clipping problems » 2016-12-24 10:45:00

if you can share the not working metafiles i will take a look on these problem

#7 Re: PDF Engine » Support for ARC PIE etc.. » 2016-10-22 07:44:27

i have removed the synPdfArc unit.
hope these way it will work for you

#8 PDF Engine » Support for ARC PIE etc.. » 2016-10-21 20:15:26

Replies: 2

i have made a Pullrequest on GitHub for these missing functions.
I hope it is useful

#9 PDF Engine » Mapmodes » 2016-10-12 11:02:06

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Hello i have fixed the mappings for MM_LOMETRIC, MM_HIMETRIC in TPdfEnum.ScaleMatrix
With these changes it is well working in both modes

  MM_LOMETRIC: begin
// Using FFactor because the FScreenLogPixels from TPdfDocument is not in Scope here
        FViewSize.cx :=  round(7200  / FFactor); 
        FViewSize.cy := - round(7200 / FFactor);
        FWinSize.cx :=  25400 ;
        FWinSize.cy :=  25400 ;
  MM_HIMETRIC: begin
        FViewSize.cx :=  round(7200  / FFactor);
        FViewSize.cy := - round(7200/ FFactor);
        FWinSize.cx :=  254000 ;
        FWinSize.cy :=  254000 ;


#10 Re: PDF Engine » render Rotated Text in EMF » 2016-10-04 16:15:31

after looking at the source, i see there will not be an "easy" way to resolve.
i will find a different way to solve these special problem.

#11 PDF Engine » render Rotated Text in EMF » 2016-10-04 12:24:25

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We have some EMF coming from a CAD. These EMF should be included in pdf files.
The problem is the CAD is drawing the text with SetWorldtransform etc.. for rotated texts.
these situation is not handled in synPDF.
I have a simple emf file for show the situation. has anybody a idea for solving these problem?
And how to attach Files here?


#12 Re: Delphi » GetIt.RealName := 'GetItIfItWontHurtOurSells' » 2015-06-06 10:28:27

For me it is time to rethink the investment in delphi. With all the hassels and the "milkink" of the customers i dont believe animore in EMB as a partner. They want opensource projects for better selling the product,
not to make the product better.
By the way: next time you are in Strassbourg we should take a beer!

#13 Re: Language » I do not like people shoot in my foot, do you? » 2015-05-08 12:49:17

I think you are right. All these new changes should be work out of the box.
At moment, if there are new futures it needs two ore more versions of Delphi to work.
For me there is a rule on new futures in Delphi: Use it only if it is stable and proofed.

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