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Well, with the good old xitami web server I did something like this:
program summing;
  SysUtils, cgi;

  x, y, z: double;
  tempStr: string;

function sum(a, b: double): double;
  result := a+b;

function FormFloat(s: string): double;
// read the name and the value of the input data from a HTML form sent by the browser
// and return the value as a double

  x := FormFloat('name1');
  y := FormFloat('name2');
  z := x+y;
  tempStr := FloatToStr(z);
  // send the data to the browser
What I want is to do is, more or less, something like this using mORMot.
Seen mORMot is huge, what are the important parts to learn first to write this kind of applications? Thank you.

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ab wrote:

I do not understand how CGI may help...

reuse the small Object Pascal command line applications within a mORMot interface-based server directly?

Could you please give me a small example, or just a hint, seen I am very new to mORMot. Given I have myapp.exe...
Thank you.

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Hi All,
I am new to mORMot and I have a lot a small Object Pascal command line applications I developed over the years and normally use for my job. Now, as I discovered mORMot, I think it is a good idea to use them as CGI applications using this wonderful framework, so I wonder if there is already a small example about how to use CGI apps with mORMot, or at least some hints. Thank you.

#4 SynProject » Compiling SynProject -> [Error] File not found: 'ProjectRes.RES' » 2015-11-03 09:20:15

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Hi All,
I have tried to compile SynProject, using Delphi 7 Professional under Windows 7,  but I have got this message [Error] File not found: 'ProjectRes.RES'. Any hint? Thank you.

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