#1 Re: Delphi » I'm still preferring Delphi 7 IDE » 2010-07-02 12:15:01

In newer Delphi I like this:
- Exit (10)  instead Result := 10; Exit;
- For..in
- inline directive
- very good is extended Record (e.g method on Record) - see TStopWatch implementation
- FastMM (I known - can be used for old delphi too)
- TObject.ToString, TObject.Equals, TObject.GetHashCode

In IDE I like component palette from Delphi 2010. For me with combination with CnPack is unbeatable.

This are also interesting features:

- System.TMonitor
- Class Helpers
- Stack breakpoints (for debugging)
- strict private and strict protected
- sometimes class property and class var

But I agree with you - I hate new Help, in Delphi 7 was better help (a fast).

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