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I was looking for more than just transparent text, it's like writing text with semi transparent or gradient text.

it's more than simple Canvas.Textout can do, something like GDI+ effects that used by .Net

#2 GDI+ » Writing Transport text » 2010-08-07 18:36:20

Mohammed Nasman
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  I'm not sure if the "SynGdiPlus" is the write thing to use, but Can I use it to write a transparent text on the image?

mostly for JPG and PNG

Thank you for your great work.

#3 Re: Delphi » I'm still preferring Delphi 7 IDE » 2010-08-07 18:18:45

- Delphi 7 starts faster than Delphi 2007, and MUCH faster than Delphi 2009/2010;

Delphi 2009/2010 start faster than Delphi 2007, I don't know why in your case Delphi 7 is MUCH faster than D 2009/2010 and just faster than D 2007

- Delphi 7 IDE is as powerful as Delphi 2010 IDE, if you use some IDE enhancements like http://www.cnpack.org;

To be honest, that's not true, cnPack has a lot of nice enhancements, but it will not make delphi 7 as Delphi D2010 for example:

1. Refactoring.
2. Search in components.
3. SynEdit.
4. IDE Insight.
5. New search-bar.
6. VCL Guidelines.
7. Histroy Tab (it's very useful if you don't use VCS).
8. Code Formatter.

and  a lot of other small enhancements, which make development is more productive than before .

and if you combine the above features in IDE with other improvement in compilers (inlining, Generics, Anonymous methods, Attributes), that's make a big difference than old version, specially attributes that may make your work with Sqlite framework easier and better ;-).

Except if you need to have compatibility with Free Pascal and Kylix, or you mostly work with low level programming.

Delphi 2010 is much lighter and faster than previous versions D2005-D2007

#4 Re: Delphi » Every Delphi DB program contains hidden code for EMB licence checking » 2010-08-07 17:09:39

ab wrote:

There is some hidden and not documented code in every program using the DB features

They are documented in Delphi 2009 help, I didn't check with older version.

Few days ago I was browsing "SysUtils" help, and while looking for some parameters for "Format function" I noticed the GDAL, I pressed on it and got this from help system:

"GDAL retreives the access licences resource. It checks if it is valid, if not an Access Licence Violation exception with the message 'Application is not licenced to use this feature' is raised.

The returned value is the decrypted first Access Licence (AL1). "

but I didn't know it too weak like you described ;-)

BTW, they seems don't use Spell checker when writing the documentations smile

#5 Re: mORMot 1 » SQLite3 Framework 1.8 » 2010-07-25 10:53:33

ab wrote:

I'm working on a demo, with User Interface and all....


I'm looking forward to see it soon.

I have asked before for a demo similar to MasterApp that included with Delphi for BDE.

because I find it hard for me to get used with your framework, without proper documentation and Demos

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