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Thank you for your hints.
Webcore for vscode is indeed still pending to be released and OmniPascal will be installed automatically if it's not already installed, so no one has to worry about it. IIUC, omnipascal relies on a prior installation of either Delphi or Lazarus if you want a form-designer inside vscode.
I still wonder how Arnaud can use it, may be he got prerelease version.

#2 Re: Free Pascal Compiler » VsCode as editor » 2020-03-30 16:15:59

The TMSWEBCoreDevGuide.pdf and TMSWEBCoreSetupGuide.pdf in don't contain any hint about using vscode for tms webcore. Only a sort section about the Installation for Lazarus.

May I ask, what did you test regarding Webcore and vscode? Did you test the form-designer and had you to install the omnipascal-extension? Or what else did you do in order to use VsCode for TMS WebCore?

In the settings of omnipascal one has to specify the path to the delphi or the fpc compiler and to the IDE, Lazarus or Delphi. Isn't this a requirement for using a form-designer in vscode?

Please excuse these many more general, basic questions.

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Thank you for that answer. But what do I have to do to use the form designer and components of webcore in vscode? Isn't omnipascal a prerequisite for this?

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I installed Lazarus as shown in the documentation:
https://synopse.info/files/html/Synopse … l#TITL_203
I used the latest fpcupdeluxe 64 bit version and SVN Revision: 59757 for Lazarus, SVN Revision: 40491 for FPC.

So Lazarus and FPC-Versions are:
Lazarus Version#: 2.1.0
FPC Version: 3.3.1

TestSQLite3 ran without errors.
Installation of all FNC Packages ran without errors, too.

However, when trying to install Wecore (tmswebcorepkgdelaz.lpk) I got a compilation error:
frawebcoreprojectoptions.pp(104,26) Error: Identifier idents no member "Parsers"
My question:
Are there SVN-Revisions,  to set up a installation of Lazarus/FPC via fpcupdeluxe, that will allow mORMot, FNC and Webcore to be used in parallel?

Arnoud, do you use the Delphi or the FPC compiler in vscode for Webcore?

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