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Ok, this GUI app using FMX and I see now this is reason of uncompatybile with Lazarus. But main reason is lazarus conversion. After convert delphi project to lazarus project missing some paths in "Other uinit files" -Fu optins. AFter add  paths, this error disapeare. And this some fpc directives and units add Lazarus during covertion.

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Thanks for answer, but why? In SynDBExplorerMain.pas is some LCL units and LCL are Lazarus units, and in this pas file are some FPC directives... Why I can't include SynCommons in Lazarus? I need to see some examples and debug some becouse I want to understand mormot. I want create some backend service in lazarus and mormot, to manage some english school. I want to use firebird database. Where are some example (compilable in Lazarus) of using mormot with firebird, make some crud operations, migration from orm to database structure. I want make 2 frontend - one make in LCL, and second in some Web technologi. Sorry for my English.

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I'm beginner in fpc and mormot. I want to build 12 sample - SynDB Explorer using Lazarus. First I see that, in SynDBExplorerMain missing uses keyword and I add this. Then can't find LMessagess on mormot directory or in Lazarus and I comment this. Then I have problem that I dont't find SynCommons, but I have ../../.. in my include dir in project options (SynCommons.pas is 3 dir up in main dir of mormot). How can I use SynCommons.pas? Please help me, and thanks for your time!

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