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Hi all,

is there really noboy who can help?
I don't know as much as neccessary to understand the problem!

Thanks  Charly

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hi all,

I try to generate an pdf file with mORMot und found the examples in the

mORMot-master\SQLite3\Samples\05 - Report created from code\  folder.

With this samples I am not able to generate a pdf with shows unicode characters correct.
The TestSQLite3Pages.dpl  shows the 5 Chars from   

UNICODE: array[0..5] of WideChar =

correct in the preview, but the generated pdf dosn't.

Are there some settings/changes neccessary or is it an issue?

Thanks for help charly

#3 mORMot 2 » Pdf-Export with TestSQLite3Pages shows wrong Unicode-Character » 2023-04-04 13:07:37

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Hi all,

I  ported the  TestSQLite3Pages-Project   from  mORMot1    ".......\mORMot-master\SQLite3\Samples\05 - Report created from code\"   to mORMot2.
Thereby I found an issue with Unicode Characters (chinese) in the generated Pdf-File.
In the preview, the chinese characters are shown correct, but in the generated pdf-file they are shown wrong.
Seems to be the same in the mORMot1 version as well.

And how can I transfer the new version to the  forum?


#4 mORMot 1 » dead link » 2022-07-25 11:17:38

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on the Site:
https://blog.synopse.info/?post/2014/05 … anced-RTTI

in the Text
Of course, text-based definition or callback-based registration are still at hand, and will be

under  the  link
https://blog.synopse.info/post/2013/12/ … ialization

I got an 404  Error


#5 Re: mORMot 1 » How can I serialize a nested record » 2022-07-22 08:35:16

Thank you for this answer, but

1) Is the "packet record"  essential  or a recommendation?  I have to serialize an old SW with existing Types.
2) The same and in the moment no time to change the code.   :-(

Can you give me a little example on base of the  code in my question above (rec3 : TtestRec3;)

Danke Charly

#6 mORMot 1 » How can I serialize a nested record » 2022-07-21 11:13:47

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I have the following structur:


   TIntArray = Array[1..5] of Integer;
   Ttestrec1 = record
      Int1      : Integer;
      String2 : String;
      feld1    : TIntArray

   TStrArray = Array[1..3] of String;
   Ttestrec2 = record
      Int2 : Integer;
      Int3 : Integer;
      feld2: TStrArray;

   Ttestrec3 = record
     rec1 : Ttestrec1;
     rec2 : TtestRec2;

  rec1 : Ttestrec1;
  rec2 : Ttestrec2;
  rec3 : TtestRec3;

How can I do an  "Automatic JSON serialization" of this structure of rec3?
And what must be used in the new  version2 Framework?
SynCommons.pas seems to be splitted

Regards Charly

#7 Re: mORMot 1 » Typo ? » 2022-07-21 10:48:17

After running  the restws_chatserver.exe  I got the message

20220721 10424610  !  -    01.118.083
WebSockets Chat Server running on localhost:8888

Please compile and run Project31ChatClient.exe

is this an old/internal projectname for  restws_chatclient?

regards Charly

#8 mORMot 1 » Typo ? » 2022-07-21 10:36:53

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20.1. Windows and Linux hosted

The current version of the framework fully supports deploying the mORMot servers on the Windows platform, either as a Win32 executable, or - for latest versions of the Delphi compiler - as a Win64 executable.

Linux support (via FPC 3.2.x) is available, but we face some FPC compiler-level issue with FPC 2.x, which does not supply the needed interface RTTI - see http://bugs.freepascal.org/view.php?id=26774 - so that the SOA and MVC features are not working directly non old FPC revision, so you need to generate the RTTI from a Delphi compiler, as stated below.

#9 mORMot 1 » SynDprUses.inc included in restws_chatserver without conditional c » 2022-07-21 10:16:40

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in program restws_chatserver  from mORMot2  there is a

   {$I SynDprUses.inc} // use FastMM4 on older versions of Delphi

without  conditional compiler info.

regards Charly

#10 Re: Other components » JSON Serialization of record » 2022-07-20 16:54:21


I found an other point to fix.

In the description   https://github.com/synopse/mORMot2 Quick Start
in the path list

the entry :  $(mormot2)\src   is missing.
Without this, in my IDE the    mormot.defines.inc    isn't found.


#11 Re: Other components » JSON Serialization of record » 2022-07-20 15:04:27

Hi ab,

i did it as in the README.md  at  github.com/synopse/mORMot2  is written.

Downloaded the Project and the momot2static.7z, extracted this at ../static
created a environment variable mormot2 and
entered the path-string to the  IDE lobrary path.
I work with  Delphi 10.4 Community

A can open the ../test/mormot2tests.dproj
during compilation I got the error:

[dcc32 Error] mormot.core.variants.pas(5104): E2250 There is no overloaded version of 'SaveToJson' that can be called with these arguments

  if item.Kind in (rkRecordOrDynArrayTypes + [rkClass]) then
    // use temporary non-expanded JSON conversion for complex nested content
//    aItems.SaveToJson(json, [twoNonExpandedArrays]);             
    aItems.SaveToJson(json, false);       <------------------------------------   so it compiles well!!!!

Do I have  a wrong   mormot.core.data??


#12 Other components » JSON Serialization of record » 2022-07-20 09:00:01

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Hi all,

I am new here and not shure whether I am right at this point.
If not please apologize me and put me through to the correct position.

My question:

I found an article depending on "JSON serialization of records" at this address:
https://blog.synopse.info/?post/2014/05 … anced-RTTI

And my problem is. I don't know the environement and structur of your projects/Sources
The syncommon.pas  is member of wich project?
Can it be used "standalone" or do I need som more?

What must I download from where to realise a serialization in delphi 10.4?

best regards and thank you all for help


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