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  I am Sivaram Annies, working as a Software developer in Germany. I have the Server and Client Applications developed in Delphi. I have started to make the Server compatible with the Lazarus environment.

I have a question regarding the record TServiceCustomAnswer from mormot.core.interfaces in the Lazarus environment. As suggested by Arnaud, I have been using this record to store the SQLite database content (temporarily) in a Server Application. Till now the Server (Delphi) has no problems with this record and data gets sent to the Client (Delphi). The Server is written with a DDD Structure.

But now with the Server (Lazarus), I have a problem with this record. Data gets generated and stored into the record fields and everything looks fine from the Infra to the App layer. But data is not received at the Client end. The error message is: failed to parse the TserviceCustomAnswer record from the input JSON.

I have registered the TServiceCustomAnswer record with RTTI similar to the other records in AppxxxServices, etc. This kind of problem was solved after registering with RTTI.

Should I need to do something extra for Lazarus in this record's case? Thank you.

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