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SynProject 1.18 released

We have uploaded the latest version of SynProject.exe in http://synopse.info/files/SynProject.zip

Main feature is a new (better-looking?) template for the generated files.
See our mORMot framework documentation for a good sample of rendering content - http://synopse.info/fossil/wiki?name=Downloads

Since revision 1.12, the modifications/enhancements are the following:

  Version 1.13
  - added new source code formats: $$ for XML/HTML/SGML, !$ for DFM
  - format included .XML/.HTML/.HTM/.DFM files as expected
  - fixed GPF errors in the internal object browser
  - fixed issue when formating code in RTF content (avoid prematurated doc end)
  - SynProject application will display the project name in the Windows task bar
  - new NoConfidential global option in [Project]
  - new 'All Titles' option in right click on the section list to browse then
    go to corresponding content (also accessible via F10 function key)
  - new 'Titles #' sub menu to browse ":# title" items in # order for adding @#@
  - now handle '\Index KeyWord 1,KeyWord 2' line or @*keyword@ inlined text, to
    be processed by DocumentIndex=...,Index  (@**keyword@ for main entry)
  - Graph window can now create custom hierarchy diagrams for any classes, or
    TSQLRecord structure layout, per SAD-module (SAD default graphs are limited
    to one unit content, but those graphs can be as wide as any SAD-module)
  - added F2 key in the editor to mark a block as Delphi / highlight (i.e. will
    put an ! at every line beginning)
  - added F10 key to browse the .pro titles (with incremental search)
  - new right-click popup menu accessible for editor, with fast access to all
    tool functions
  - new "Copy as HTML/BBCODE" functions - to be used e.g. for easy Blogging smile

  Version 1.15
  - inlined pictures (e.g. in a grid) are now exported as binary in rtf
  - new HeaderWithLogo option for DocumentFrontPage=/SubDocFrontPage= setting,
    creating an header with the Company logo instead of the default text header
    (can be set globaly also for all documents in the [Project] section,
    same as the NoHeaderBorder= setting)
  - new FullTitleInTableOfContent option for DocumentFrontPage=/SubDocFrontPage=
    setting, adding the will title in the table of contents (e.g. not only the DI
    number, but also its textual description)
  - more modern table layout, with no vertical lines, and doubled first row

  Version 1.16
  - new template (including fonts and colors) for the generated documents
  - SAD now contains a quick reference table for objects and functions lists
  - now the Wingraphviz COM library can be registered for the current user, if
    this one does not have local administrator rights
  - made versioning screen faster in case of huge number of files (lazy loading)
  - use "My Documents" folder if DestinationDir is not properly set
  - change main editor font to 'Consolas' (if available), and with word wrap

  Version 1.18
  - added optional ParseTitleOffset=.. integer param for the [SAD-*] sections
  - enhanced SAD layout, when working with non flat titles (e.g. for mORMot)
  - added NoProjectDetailsLogo option in DocumentFrontPage/SubDocFrontPage
  - added optional EditorRightMargin=... parameter in [Project] section



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