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SynProject 1.10 released

As stated in http://synopse.info/forum/viewtopic.php?id=129 , the SynProject GPL tool has been updated in version 1.10.

Source code description can now be loaded from outside .sae files: this allows to document an existing code tree, without touching its content. This could be mandatory for some projects (like the one I'm working on work, with a lot of existing code: it's therefore better not to add comments in the source code tree).

The /// comments inside the source code are retrieved by default, but can be modified/overwritten with the .sae content.

The descriptions are stored in .sae files. Those files are .zip files containing .ini-like text files for storing the description text for all types/objects/methods of the source code.

In order to enable this external description feature, the ExternalDescription=Yes parameter must be set in any [SAD-module], then the user uses the new "SAD/Create external .sae file" menu from the "Word" button.

Edition of the .sae file can be done either externally (using a tool like WinZip or, even better, Total Commander) or internally, via the new "Edit external .sae file" menu item in the "SAD" section of the "Word" button menu.

Executable is downloadable from http://synopse.info/files/SynProject.zip
Source code and tool usage is released under the GPL.


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