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Good old object is not to be deprecated - it is the future

You perhaps already noticed by several blog posts here that I still like the good old (and deprecated) object type, in addition to the common heap-allocated class type.
Plain record with methods does not match the object-oriented approach of object, since it does not feature inheritance.

When you take a look at modern strongly-typed languages, targeting concurrent programming (you know, multi-thread/multi-core execution), you will see that the objects may be allocated in several ways, to facilitate execution flow.

The Rust language for instance is pretty interesting. It has optional task-local Garbage Collection and safe pointer types with region analysis.

To some extent, it is very similar to what object allows in the Delphi world, and why I'm still using/loving it!

Forum thread for http://blog.synopse.info/post/2013/10/0 … the-future


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Re: Good old object is not to be deprecated - it is the future

Could not agree more!

Instead of trying to implement every possible OOP feature into records they should focus on bringing object on par with classes.


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