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Synopse PDF Engine now handling bookmarks, outlines, bitmaps, links...

A lot of enhancements these last days, in our PDF Engine:

http://synopse.info/fossil/artifact/457 … 7fef2d7761
- new CreateLink and CreateBookMark methods for TPdfDocument, to easily handle bookmarks

http://synopse.info/fossil/artifact/bb6 … ed4c2d4ef5
- new CreateOutline method for TPdfDocument, for handy outline adding
- can use EMR_GDICOMMENT to embedd some SynPDF related data (like bookmarks,  links, and document outline)
- new TPdfTextString class, used to handle Unicode parameters (e.g. inTPdfInfo, which is now Unicode ready)

http://synopse.info/fossil/artifact/41c … 12499e4f42
- new CreateOrGetImage method to easily add a bitmap to the page, with internal caching: if the same bitmap content is sent more than once, only one TPDFImage will be used (work with emf enumeration, e.g. SQLite3Pages)

So I suspect there will be a new 1.12 version released soon....
Or not... because I'm still working on a native PDF document generation from SynProject, and I could need to add some dedicated methods...
We will see tomorrow...


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