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Open Source asset management software using SQLite3 Framework

hmcorbould wrote:

I had written the following paragraph for the post, but thought you might object to it as it might be seen as advertising, even though there is no commercial gain to me.

My long term objective is to convert a free but not yet Open Source asset management software package to fully Open Source.  Converting the data tables in the project from SQL to SQLite3 is relatively straightforward and 50% done, then I want to remove a free but proprietary embedded SQL server provided by NexusDB, which Nexus could start charging for at any time. I want to use entirely Open Source code within my Delphi project, and the Synopse SQLite3 Framework looks like it's just the thing to make the change!. Along the way, I want to discard the FastReports report designs and use natively coded report designs which then will also be Open Source.

Thanks for your personal mail.
You could have posted it in the forum. It's not advertising, only interest. smile

Please create a forum thread for each subject you want to share/ask.

I'm very pleased that you could find our framework useful, and create a fully Open Source Asset management using it.


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