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RTL7 and LVCL directories added

Here are what was submitted today:
- LVCL\*.* units, with pre-compiled optimized System.dcu and SysInit.dcu;
- RTL7\*.* units,  which contains some stuff dedicated to Delphi 7.

About Delphi 7 files, they are mainly:
- the latest version of FastMM4 unit (configured for Synopse);
- the enhanced .dcu version of System.pas SysUtils.pas and SysInit.pas (not mandatory, but can be useful, especially for speed enhancement and i18n of the resourcestring - if you use them, don't forget to define the ENHANCEDRTL conditional in your projects options).
To use these files, ensure to have added this directory AT FIRST PLACE (before any $(DELPHI)\Lib entry) in the Tools/Environment/Library/Library+browsing paths of your Delphi 7 IDE.

See http://synopse.info/fossil/info/e2ac40a7d1


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