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SQLite3 Framework database engine updated to version 3.7 draft

Here are the main modifications:
- update engine to version 3.7 draft (snapshot as of 2010-06-25 11:35 UTC)
- SetWALMode() method for enabling Write-Ahead Logging for the database
- the RTREE extension is now compiled by default into the engine

Notes about the Write-Ahead Logging for the database:
- beginning with version 3.7.0 of the SQLite3 engine, a new "Write-Ahead Log"  option (hereafter referred to as "WAL") is available - see http://www.sqlite.org/draft/wal.html
- WAL might be very slightly slower (perhaps 1% or 2% slower) than the traditional rollback-journal approach in applications that do mostly reads and seldom write; but WAL provides more concurrency as readers do not block writers and a writer does not block readers. Reading and writing can proceed concurrently. With our SQLite3 framework, it's not needed.
- by default, this option is not set: only implement if you really need it, but our SQlite3 framework use locked actions, so there should be no benefit.
- only useful if you use our wrapper without the Client/Server framework.

See http://synopse.info/fossil/info/eb3d0c0674


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