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Good tutorial how to make Client app with VCL or Firemonkey

I've mainly seen web-stuff and very trivial samples that are not too smart, like Edit1.text := LPerson.Name;. That could be done, works for sure, but seems quite labor intensive way. Totally automating would be most likely out of the question because not all Forms would show TPerson (for example) same way...

I could possibly use LiveBinding or similar...

What would be smartest ways to make GUI app (with either Delphi GUI library).

mORMot has been around some time now, there must be some solutions for it. I've just seen blog posts and so mainly on server side code and so, but not the client code that would be kind of production ready. Many cool looking web-client demos have seen tough... Tried to search document of GUI but found only couple very short paragraphs with couple images.

Asking mainly that I do not know enough of mORMot and my solution would be inferior or plain stupid. Or there would already be solutions for all I would ever need smile Found couple hints of VCL stuff some base form classes and edit and Grid... (Just did quick search on the code last night)

If there is no common library/helpers for VLC and/or FireMonkey GUI development, then we could start to design one.


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