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Interfaces IS and AS

How do we use IS and AS with CORBA interface?

I can't get them to work like normal COM interfaces do.

The documentation seems to indicate they are the same.

What am I missing?


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Re: Interfaces IS and AS

About is and as, I think the difference is as follows :
v:=obj is TObj   (true)  ; v:=obj is TOtherObj (false)
v:= obj as TObj (v is a instance of TObj class ) ; v:= obj as TOtherObj (v is nil )

if TObj and TOtherObj has a same of parent class:
v:=obj is TParent  (true)  ; v:=obj is TParent (true)

v:= obj as TParent (v is a instance of TParent class ) ; v:= obj as TParent (v is a instance of TParent class )


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Re: Interfaces IS and AS

FPC's CORBA interfaces are identified by string, not by GUID, and are not reference-counted.
So they are not supported by the framework.

When working with interfaces, use IInvokable root type, on all platforms.
This is not COM interfaces, but COM-compatible interfaces on Windows, and COM-like interfaces on Linux/Posix.


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