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SpiderMonkey 24, 45 and 52 unit files confusion.

I'm quite sure that **all files* related to the new Synode which is based on SpiderMonkey 52 is located in the 'SyNode' subfolder. And it seems that the new SyNode allow has support the the old SM45?

I'm quite sure the above is correct. But I've another observation I'm not certain of - The unit files for SM24 are located in the mORMot root folder, right? For example, SynSMAPI.pas, where I found the 'mozjs-24.dll' constant.

If so, I suggest to put all units related to SM24 into a sub-folder, to make things clear.

There are also sample projects still using SM24 in the '\SQLite3\Samples' sub-folder.

Just my 2 cents.

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