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How to debug 10060 WSAETIMEDOUT errors?

I've noticed fairly frequent 10060 WSAETIMEDOUT errors when using the Chrome browser as a client with mORMot applications (for example the FishFacts demo 19).

How would I go about debugging these errors, and are they anything to worry about?
I haven't seen them with Firefox or I.Explorer.

20180702 07271154 EXC   ECrtSocket ("SockRecvLn 10060 WSAETIMEDOUT [A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond]") 
at 004534EE SynCrtSock.TCrtSocket.SockRecvLn (4891)
stack trace 
00455C7F SynCrtSock.GetRemoteIP (6376)
004528C5 SynCrtSock.TCrtSocket.AcceptRequest (4421)
0045645C SynCrtSock.TSynThreadPoolTHttpServer.Task (6629)
004562BA SynCrtSock.TSynThreadPoolSubThread.Execute (6576)
0041FD17 Classes.ThreadProc 00403B1A System.ThreadWrapper 


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