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Is there someone out there using this?

I mean, other than the creators.

There is no documentation and no examples; the help through the forum is scarce.

I'd like to give it a try, but looking at all that I'd not dare integrating this in my product

Please, tell me I'm wrong


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Re: Is there someone out there using this?

I'm in the same position. I did some testing and am quite impressed by this script engine. It is fast, integrates very well with Delphi, it has everything one might need.

Can anyone comment on the position of this product?


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Re: Is there someone out there using this?

I use it on my project to do it: delphi application call js file with same variables as parameters, the JS code is executed then pass result as variables to delphi application. Yes I don't have found documentation but there is a working example. I used that to understand how to do it


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Re: Is there someone out there using this?

no, no requirements yet, but the SynNode module is really really impressive!

https://github.com/Coldzer0/QuickJS-Pascal (based on a famous lightweight engine by a famous open source rockstar)


https://github.com/tondrej/chakracore-delphi (based on chakracore which Microsoft no longer enhances)

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Re: Is there someone out there using this?

If ChakraCore is not longer actively maintaining it, then about performance only V8 and SpiderMonkey remain.
QuickJS is faster than other embedded interpreters, but much slower than JITted engines.

The main benefit of SpiderMonkey, IIRC, is that it is much more multi-thread friendly than V8.
SyNode maintains one SM execution engine per thread, and it is very stable and efficient if you don't share variables between threads, which is likely the case to call mORMot code - which is thread safe by design.
This multi-threading ability of processing incoming REST requests is one killer feature in comparison to Node.js, which supports only code-level threading using worker threads.

If you want to run JavaScript logic on server side, with the power of mORMot database and http server, check https://unitybase.info/
It features mORMot SynDB+REST core, with SyNode/SpiderMonkey on the top, some web UI tools, and an amazing list of JS modules ready to be used.
IMHO it may be a Node killer.


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