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Using Delphi 7, I was using JvGIF to load gif images but are switching to SynGdiPlus.  With JvGIF I was able to load a GIF image from the EXE using TJvGIFImage.LoadFromResourceName(hInstance, 'Logo', 'GIF'), but TGifImage.LoadFromResourceName(hInstance, 'Logo') doesn't work.

Logo := TGifImage.Create;
Logo.LoadFromResourceName(hInstance, 'Logo');
SPLLogo.Picture.Bitmap := MainLogo.ToBitmap; (SPLLogo is a TImage on a form)

Also tried...
SPLLogo.Picture.Graphic := TGraphic(MainLogo);

Can someone please help be get this working please.  It just shows blank.

I also tried this as found on the forum with the same results...

SPLLogo.Picture.Graphic := TGifImage.Create;
TGifImage(SPLLogo.Picture.Graphic).LoadFromResourceName(hInstance, 'Logo');

I traced the code to TSynPicture.LoadFromResourceName where the line
if FindResource(Instance,PChar(ResName),RT_RCDATA) is equal to 0 so that is the problem.  In the .rc file I have
Logo GIF SPLLogo.gif

Is that not correct?  It works with TJvGIF.

Many thanks,

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