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Using WinHTTP Wrapper

I am trying to implement a web service client in Delphi 2010 using WinHTTP and OpenSSL.  I have posted questions, received some answers and written a little about my progress on StackOverflow.  Web communications are a new subject for me and I have been studying everything I can find on the web and am currently reading the OpenSSL book from O'Reilly.  I have seen several postings from Synopse that were very informative.

It appears that there may be a way to simply consume a web service using your SynCrtSock unit and specifically the HTTPPost function.  However, I don't see a way of calling this function using the SSL protocol.  I may not be saying that correctly, but I am expecting to find something akin to the TIdSSLIOHandlerSocket mentioned by Remy Lebeau at http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1422 … ot-working and I do not see how to do that.  Is there a straightforward way of doing that?

Tracking down your SynCrtSock unit led me to your SynProject project.  That is certainly ambitious!  I have downloaded your PDF document on it and will see if I should be changing my source control program.

Thanks a lot.



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