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SQLite respect

Does anyone have an opinion on when not to use SQLite instead something like of Postgres? I guess it's when there's a large amount of users or data. My question was triggered by this article:


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Re: SQLite respect

Such a question is more about proper architecture, than databases.
For instance, SQlite3 is just perfect for a MicroService embedded storage.
And in a MicroService, the side of data tends to be not so large, by definition. You have several databases, one per MicroService, so you shard/distribute your data.

And you can replicate directly with mORMot - no need of LiteStream fork and GoLang - using its master/slave replication feature.
What I also did is to use MongoDB as replicated NoSQL database to store the data in several nodes, for reporting or auditing.

For a data-centric approach, Postgres and SQlite are good choices.
But of course, Postgres has more features, and if you need accounting-level and business-aware support, then it is the way to go.


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