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Encryption in the client side accessing a server storage

Last months I am looking for a solution to use a cloud to store database data encrypted and having the encryption being applied at the client side. In this way,you can have a centralized datastorage (that does not know the real contents of data it stores) whose data are encrypted/decrypted when accessing it from the client that access it.

Reading the documentation for mirroring and have proxies with mormot I was wonder if the following is somehow possible:

Mormot uses SQLITE as mid-end node between and external database to create a backend.
Is it possible for sqlite to encrypt inside the mormot framework the data that will be saved in the database? With pure sqlite and a remote filesytem I believe it is possible. But what about an external database?
My main purpose is to have encrypted data in a cloud server with a mormot backend  in an other place that does the encryption/decryption of data in the database for its clients
Thank you in advance

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Re: Encryption in the client side accessing a server storage

The problem with encrypted data storage is that... it is encrypted, so it can't be searched, only retrieved by its ID.
So what you need on the Cloud is an object store, not a regular database.

There is nothing preventing you from storing all your data within encrypted BLOBs on an external database.
You have everything you need for that: DB access, encryption... But it is not directly supported by the framework, because I think it is not very usable in practice, but for some very particular process - because data can't be searched.


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