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LVCL updated: new TRadioButton, TGroupBox, TListBox, TComboBox comp

Some modifications have been commited to the LVCL units.

From nice proposals of Leonid Glazyrin:

  *  New types of DFM properties supported: List and Set
  *  IdentPropertyStr gives string ident values (while IdentProperty have some bugs)
  *  Some (or maybe all) unsupported (sub)properties in DFM ignored without errors
  *  New TWinControl.Enabled property. Both Enabled and Visible loads from DFM
  *  TCheckBox: new properties: 'Alignment', 'State', 'AllowGrayed' (3-states style)
  *  new TRadioButton component (auto-switching and groups not implemented)
  *  new TGroupBox component
  *  new TListBox, TComboBox component (and parent TCustomBox)

So LVCL is still light and compatible with default VCL, but is even closer to the original than ever!
Most native components are implemented yet.
Thanks a lot for sharing your nice code, Leonid!

See http://synopse.info/fossil/info/140520f03c


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