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Publishing Methods to Swagger


I'm trying to implement the documentation of an API with SWAGGER together with MORMOT here, and I have a small doubt that I couldn't find in the documentation.

I saw that for it to be published, the methods must be made with an interface, so far so good, but I need to show specific methods in this documentation and hide some, can anyone help me with an explanation of how I could do this?

I used Example27 which does this type of implementation but I couldn't figure out how to publish just some methods and hide the others.... Here he presented all the methods I did and a few more that I believe are internal API code


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Re: Publishing Methods to Swagger

There is no way in mORMot 1 to "hide" some methods to Swagger.

The usual - and safest - approach is to host two REST servers in a single HTTP server: one for the public API, another for the private API.


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