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mORMot 1.18 - GetClient() with 'https'?

We have an application that currently calls the 'GetClient()' function found in our 'mORMotClient.pas' file. The file was generated by a mORMot 1.18.3675 server. In its current use, the 'aHttps' parameter of the 'GetClient()' function is set to false.

I have been tasked to switch to using 'https'. However, I am a total newbie in terms of networking. Should I simply set the value of the 'aHttps' parameter to true and the 'aServerPort' parameter to 443?

Any pointers would be appreciated. Thanks,


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Re: mORMot 1.18 - GetClient() with 'https'?

Do you have control over server side application? If so you have to change there first to https.
Was your code generated through wrappers, if so after changing server side you should regenerate client wrapper again.

Good starting point would be documentation https://synopse.info/files/html/Synopse … #TITLE_491


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