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Synopse mORMot framework 1.17

Our Open Source mORMot framework is now available in revision 1.17.

The main new features are the following:
- Direct ODBC support, with any edition of Delphi - even the Starter edition;
- Array DML support for very fast insertion with Oracle;
- SQLite3 engine updated to latest revision 3.7.14, including Delphi 5 compiler support;
- Performance enhancements, especially for external databases and our very fast in-memory engine (e.g. for unique properties, or with SQlite3 writing speed), with a new included benchmark tool;
- Breaking use change for *FillPrepare() methods;
- Better Unicode support in report and pdf generation (e.g. font-fallback is now implemented);
- TDataSet available for SynDB units;
- A lot of fixes and improvements.

We have some very exciting features on the road-map for the next 1.18 release, like direct Event/CallBacks handling.
Stay tuned!

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