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OFF- TOPC - Sustainable Design

I  do not intend to change the way work anyone. And if someone harmed by my words , I'm sorry . It was an accident .

What will I put here , maybe many already know. For the project to continue to improve and increasingly , all people must earn at work. Many here know / met wonderful projects that died because at the time had this vision sustainable

Another important aspect , which can go unnoticed is the fact that many companies do not feel secure in using software from a company that does not have or do not see this side . These companies simply can not count on support in speed than accuracy . Since it is a totally free service . Therefore , many companies prefer to pay and have the assurance of a stand, you see having to wait for a longer and free solution .

In my country ( Brazil ) there is a collection of components for Delphi called ACBr ( http://www.projetoacbr.com.br/forum/ ) . Initially it was totally free. But it was growing both the number of components , as the number of users and how the importance of the components in the middle of the Delphi community

Because of this , it was created a paid support . Just to correct the shortcomings mentioned above. I confess I have not paid for support, because he had no need yet. I've done some donations . And the project continued free as always was and will continue.

Well this was just an observation. Perhaps the designs Arnaud already have something or are thinking about it .

PS . Again , sorry for bad english . This was translated automatically by Google .

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Re: OFF- TOPC - Sustainable Design

I think think the main thing that makes mORMot sustainable is it's KISS attitude. The problem is it's not mainstream so managers will bring up the 'what if the main developer gets run over by a bus' problem but it's gaining popularity and being KISS makes it easier for others to take up the baton.


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